Love And Betrayal

By Robin Tucker
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Love and Betrayal

Jenny Newman was one extraordinary woman. Her singing prowess, graceful dance moves, and her ability to create beautiful tunes propelled her to pop superstardom. Her albums had broken many records in terms of sales and her concert tours were sold out. No wonder, her family lives in luxury. She was a good mother and a good wife until her undesirable habits get in the way.

Blessed with remarkable beauty, Jenny was an object of both love and lust. Men find it hard to resist her charms; the urge of touching her was just so strong. Its something she, too, cant resist, and she offers herself without regrets.

True love often knocks on her door, but her addiction to sex and alcohol had torn her from the ones she loves. Will she finally get to her senses and fight her urges to keep another true love from slipping away?

About the Author

Born and raised in Winchester, Indiana, Robin Tucker discovered her ability to tell stories when her eighth grade teacher told her that she should be a writer. Although she did not entertain the idea until recently, her teachers words were among the inspirations behind her passion to write her very first book.

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Published: 2013
Page Count: 196