By Roxanne Kinnally
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About the Book

“Forgiveness is the key to love,” writes Roxanne Kinnally in the opening lines of Love. Dedicated to her daughter but meant for all, Love draws from family, life experience, and the Bible to illustrate that love is ever-present and the most important of all God’s gifts. Once feeling lost and alone, Kinnally’s daughter reminded her of the power of love and compelled her to write this book to remind the world of God’s greatest gift.

About the Author

Roxanne Kinnally was born in Jamaica and spent eight years in Belize before moving to America for college. After graduating, she began to work toward a law degree. Kinnally is driven to pursue her passions and is currently working on a project for the blind and visually impaired as well as her next book. Kinnally loves everyone and desires to show that love because she firmly believes love is the greatest gift of all.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 46