By Valerie Soovajian
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Seeking adventure like the stories her late father used to tell her, Mary heads out each day to her favorite spot in nature to daydream, often coming home a mess. Once again upset by her mother’s plans for her future, Mary runs off to think, but blacks out and awakes to find herself in another world, a medieval world with kings, queens, castles, dragons and, most importantly, princes. Lotogettar follows Mary as she finds her way in this unfamiliar land all the while growing closer to Prince Noah Tay. Although she misses her mother, aunt, and rock and roll, Mary grows content, until she makes the unfortunate acquaintance of Noah’s uncle and cousin, the unkind rulers of another kingdom. King John wants to possess Mary because she appears to be the center of an ancient and powerful prophecy. Prince Alexander is obsessed with her and jealous of Noah. Mary struggles through betrayal, war, and jealousy, but she can’t deny the adventure of it all and wonders if she will ever return home.

About the Author

Valerie Soovajian is a senior in high school living with her parents and a beagle named Bruno in rural New Jersey. She had the sudden spark for writing a couple years back and has not given up since. She goes to church and used to be a Girl Scout, and she loves to hang out with her cousins and go shopping.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 114