Lost Heart

By Lavonda Rene Lewis
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About the Book

Lavonda Rene Lewis has lived for many years with a Lost Heart. In the past, she used drugs and alcohol to numb her pain, to ignore the longing call of her heart to work on herself and her relationships. Through two marriages and five children, it took the loss of her children to make her realize the detrimental effect of a Lost Heart. Now sober for almost four years, Lewis shares her journey, the ups and downs, and her methods and realizations of herself—mind, body, and soul—along the way.

Lost Heart is an inspiring guide to aid your spirit and heart as you journey along this road of life. With heartbreak and pain come lessons, and with the peace and joy come a new appreciation for life and the world around us.

About the Author

Lavonda Rene Lewis is an Afro American woman currently residing in Iceland. She is an inspiration for her Sober Community and creator of the 7-Heaven Group English-Speaking Meeting. She is very active in her spiritual community and teaches Neurodynamic Breathwork. A lightworker, Lewis makes it her goal to educate others on their healing journeys.

Lewis is a mother to five children.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 60