Lost Between Worlds: Volume 1

By Edwin De Castro
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Gwynn Ap Nudd, one of many reapers whose job it is to collect the souls of the dead and take them to the afterlife, has been given a new mission. There is a man claiming to have dissociative identity disorder, and the person she is looking for is the other persona, not currently in charge of controlling the body. Not sure if the man is lying and trying to find a loophole to cheat death, she returns home to the afterlife to get some answers—but hears more than just that. She hears about an impending apocalypse, Ragnarök, that will reset the whole universe, wiping it clean to start all over in just twenty-four hours.

Gwynn has no choice now but to keep the man by her side while she tries to stop the apocalypse before the twenty-four hours are up. Along the way she will meet other reapers, but it would seem not everyone wants to stop Ragnarök...

About the Author

Edwin De Castro is active in the indie comics community on Twitter and Instagram, and always willing to aid any other fellow creator wherever he can. He enjoys gaming of all kinds, watching shows and movies, making music, reading, writing, wrestling, and spending time with family and friends. De Castro has a special interest in Easter eggs in the media and hearing new fan theories.

De Castro’s writing began at a young age with fan fiction, and he later transitioned to writing his own unique characters and stories. He went to school to study recording arts, journalism, and even culinary arts, but found his way back to his childhood dream of becoming a writer.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 110

Customer Reviews

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Awesome read!

I loved reading this book. The fact that the main character is a female protagonist is one of the many great things about this book. It has great character development, funny dialogue, and good storyline. Looking forward to reading more from this great psychological thriller.

Amazing series

Lost between worlds is a phenomenal series with great characters and action! Looking forward to more! Hoping to see an anime of this one day!