Lord, My Name Isn't Noah

By Carl Gross
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The true story of one man’s redemption, Lord, My Name Isn’t Noah uses the story of Noah’s Ark as the perfect analogy for what once was author Carl Gross’s life. Caught in a flood—not of water, but of sin, addiction to alcohol and pornography ruled his life.

Journey with Carl as he incorporates life experiences with scripture and stories from the Bible to prove that God never gives up on us. Like the Forgiving Father, He is always there to welcome us home.

About the Author

Carl Gross is deeply involved in his church community, serving various ministries over 30 years. He has a daughter and son, and two grandsons, who he considers the real treasures of his life.

He is a member of St. Patrick’s Church in Largo, Florida. His hobbies include horticulture and the piano. He hopes to one day take a glider or hot air balloon flight.

Published: 2020
Page Count: 88