Lord Midnight

By Darienne Miller
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In her work of fiction, Darienne Miller weaves the tale of a misfit teenager living parallel lives. In the first, she is Muriah Mackenzie, for the most part a typical teen who struggles with issues in her life. One of these is her uncaring, dysfunctional, single mother, who has her own problems with anorexia and the loss of joy in her life. Another is the fact that Muriah is rather a loner with really only two friends, twin brothers Austin and Aaron.

In her alternate life, she is Natalee Morgan, who has been rescued from Muriahs dreary existence, only to be threatened by the presence of the dark Lord Midnight. In this life, her rescuers become the family she never had as they come together to fight the enemy and protect Natalee from the clutches of Lord Midnight, who seeks her for her unique powers. However, as Natalee learns, these siblings are not really what they seem, and have powers of their own.

In Lord Midnight, the author provides an adventure of a lifetime for a lonely teen that only realizes her desires for connection and family in the dream that has become her life, but what of the life she left behind?

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Published: 2011
Page Count: 118