Looks Are Deceiving Looks Are Deceiving But I'M The Liar

By Mable E. Johnson
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Looks Are Deceiving But Im the Liar is a candid and forthright account of a young womans struggle to overcome her abusive childhood. In this intimate firsthand narrative, the author shares the story of the horrors she endured and how her faith has shaped her responses as an adult. Written with the hope of encouraging readers to intervene at any sign of abuse, Looks Are Deceiving But Im the Liar reveals a childs thoughts and reactions as she seeks to cope with the betrayal of her innocence.

About the Author

Mable E. Johnson has survived the trauma of childhood sexual abuse and now seeks to break the silence surrounding this topic in order to save young people who are still suffering. While sharing her experiences has been important for her own healing, for readers, the most important lesson is to recognize the signs and to speak up in defense of any child who may be vulnerable.

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Published: 2015
Page Count: 28