Looking Beyond: Invitation To Understanding Global Sustainability

By Rosemary Johnson
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About the Book

Looking Beyond: Invitation to Understanding Global Sustainability encourages all humans to realize that each of us shares a responsibility for the present environmental crisis. A combination biography with personal passion and research, Rosemary Johnson will inspire you to expand your way of thinking, emphasizing that one person can make a difference in the world—even you!

About the Author

Before retirement, Rosemary was an active participant in her community. In her church she taught Sunday School, was active in Peace, Social Justice and the Integrity of Creation Committee and periodically sang in the Choir. She was a member of the local community Chorus. She was active in 4-H clubs and Boy Scouts while her children participated.

She, with help from her husband and community members, started two Organic Gardening projects locally.

Her hobbies included music, bridge, and tennis, as well as jogging 10K races with a dear friend. She is committed to ongoing education and has a passion for studying global history. Johnson attended a one-year business school and then graduated from a three-year nursing program, and has worked as a registered nurse throughout her life.

Published: 2020
Page Count: 92