By Robbin Dick MD FACP
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What would happen if scientists discovered the secret to longevity? Recent college graduate John McDonald is about to find out. After he accepts a position with Biogene, a medical research company, his bosses send him to the Amazon rainforest and put his expertise in pharmacy and botany to the test. At first, John’s job simply involves gathering and cataloging plant specimens. But after he learns that his predecessor met a gruesome fate after a meeting with a reclusive Amazon tribe, his assignment suddenly becomes much more interesting—and urgent.

About the Author

Robbin Dick, an Army veteran and medical professional, often uses the lessons he learned during his 30-year medical career as inspiration for his writing. A respected observation medicine and hospital management strategies expert, he co-authored a book called Hospital Capacity Management: Insights and Strategies. He is also an avid stamp collector and has written a book about stamps called Tips on Types. Now semi-retired, he enjoys traveling, playing the piano and spending time with his wife, children and grandchildren.

Published: 2020
Page Count: 98