Long Road Home: Bouncing Back After Abuse

By Stacy LaLuzerne
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The mind is a powerful thing…With no bruises or broken bones, Stephanie wonders why she is hurting so badly; is she starting to go crazy? Will she ever be loved?

Long Road Home is the empowering story of emotional abuse and realizing that it is okay to seek help. Stephanie’s mind had been manipulated for years, until she persevered and found the strength to seek therapy, which helped her overcome the pain. Take this ride with Stephanie to fully understand the journey!

About the Author

Stacy LaLuzerne grew up in a small town in Wisconsin. Since she was a little girl, she has always had a desire to help people when they are in need. She has strong empathy that helps her to relate to the person struggling; she feels what they are feeling.

Writing is a release for her, but more than anything, by writing this book she is hoping that anyone that finds themselves in a situation of abuse—emotional, physical, or sexual—realizes how seeking help can turn their life around.

Stacy has worked in healthcare her whole adult life but is currently seeking further education to work in mental health. Mental health has a stigma around it, but her hope is to bring to light how treating mental health is just as important as treating physical health. By writing this book, she hopes to change that stigma just a little bit.

“If I can encourage one person to seek help, this book will have done its purpose. God Bless!” ~ Stacy

Published: 2021
Page Count: 50