Lonely At '15

By Donna K. del Villar
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Lonely at ‘15 is the true story of Donna K. del Villar’s almost nine decades of life. She vividly describes her lonely but loved childhood, her dozens of moves over the years, and her loving relationship with her second husband, Ben. Donna keeps a positive outlook as she navigates and ultimately succeeds through all of her struggles, which include being a teenage mother, dropping out of high school, and divorcing her high school sweetheart, who ended up being a convicted felon.

About the Author

Donna K. del Villar is currently eighty-seven years young and firmly believes that God has life already planned for us. In His plan for us, there will be downs that make us stronger and ups that make us happy. She also believes that He puts fate into our lives, which led her to meeting the love of her life. She recently applied at the local Boulder City Hospital as a volunteer and is awaited acceptance. She hopes to live long enough to see her great-grandchildren graduate from high school.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 170