Logical Or Ludicrous

By Martin Henrichs
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Becoming an adult during the 1950s, Martin Henrichs holds many of the values that were important during that time. In order to keep these values intact, he organized a local conservative group. For his message to be heard, Henrichs decided to share his life experiences, such as smuggling letters out of the Soviet Union to Jews in America and experimenting with the sexual revolution. He gives examples of how much America has changed and may be spinning out of control.

About the Author

Martin Henrichs was born in Kansas and grew up under the influence of World War II and the Great Depression. He graduated from Valparaiso University and received his Master’s degree from Indiana University. Henrichs was a teacher for 34 years. Henrichs has recently retired from playing the organ for his church after 65 years. He has also written various columns and journals throughout his career.

Published: 2019
Page Count: 320