Living In The World

By Theodore Ihejieto
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Living in the World is a book of love and life, called circle of positive energy and energy of sunlight. The book is a book of Planet Earth, because the living planet gave sunlight energy to the author of living in the world. The author is a human being who did not like the way human beings were suffering in the world and thought that he needed to do something in order to improve the standard of living in the world.

Author Theodore Ihejieto was born into a Christian family who believed in God and trusted God to protect them from evil and death. Death killed the author’s father, which made him stop trusting God. Death killed the immediate junior brother of the author and made him declare war against God. The author read many religious books and discovered that human beings did not know God, because human beings did not have the intention to know God. Ihejieto wants to know God and succeeds in knowing God because God showed Himself to him when he started questioning the integrity of God.

Living in the World is a healing book for human beings to absorb and chase death away, because living in the world destroys the fear of God and the devil of God in human beings.

About the Author

Theodore Ihejieto was born in Emekuku-Owerri, a town in the southeastern part of Nigeria. Educated at the University of Nigeria Nsukka (UNN), Ihejieto is a graduate of Agricultural Engineering. He worked as an energy correspondent with the Vanguard Newspapers in Nigeria before travelling to Austria, where he lived for over twenty-three years.

The author loves sports, music, travelling, and watching television. Having read many books of religion, the author is an expert on religious issues and can interpret all the words of God because God surrendered all the secrets of God to the author.

Published: 2018
Page Count: 380