Living In Recovery: The Weapon Of Conversation

By Bishop Howard L. Gales, Sr
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Every one of us faces a certain phase in our lives when we get emotionally and spiritually wounded. Though time heals all wounds, the right path toward overall recovery is through God.

Living in Recovery: The Weapon of Conversation unlocks Gods unending grace that completes us entirely. Bishop Howard L. Gales, Sr. compares humankind to that of a spider to open our eyes to what we are capable of as human beings as Gods highest form of creation. We oftentimes follow a wrong path in our lives that makes us sinful and futile. Today, Bishop Gales, through his words and Gods words, preaches us the ways in which God wants us to lead. We are being saved. We are being healed. We can all then be recovered.

Acknowledge your weaknesses, accept your downfalls, for God is forever present, willing to lift you up and redeem yourself.

These healing words encourage us to embrace God forevermore. The essence of the revelations in this book reveals the root cause of every suffering known to human creation.

About the Author

Bishop Howard L. Gales, Sr. has accomplished a degree as Doctor of Divinity and a Ph.D. in business administration. He lives with his wife, Doris Jean, and their children: Tanya, Tarena, Stephanie, and Howard, in Virginia.

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Published: 2010
Page Count: 192