Little Melvin's Blue Coat

By Melzina Walker
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About the Book

Little Melvin always seems to get the hand-me-downs from his older brothers. He has never gotten a new coat, so when his parents suddenly offer to buy him a brand new little blue coat for his sixth birthday, he is elated! As he falls into a deep sleep that night, Little Melvin dreams that his blue coat flies out of his bedroom window in a blustery wind gust! He embarks on a fantastical adventure with his dog, Dusty, to find the missing coat. Will Little Melvin ever find his little blue coat? This book unquestionably inspires readers, young and old alike, to appreciate the small things in life.

About the Author

Melzina Walker is a native of Mississippi and currently resides in Illinois, where she is employed at Childrens Memorial Hospital. Melzina is married to Melvin Walker, Sr., and has two children: Wondra Swanigan and Melvin Walker, Jr. She participates in Sunday school and missionary activities and in her spare time, she enjoys reading, writing, knitting, and movies. Melzina also has special interest in children.

Published: 2007
Page Count: 32