Little Book Of Bread, Soups, Puddings And Essential Meals

By Rosemarie Ulven
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Little Book of Bread, Soups, Puddings and Essential Meals is a guide both physically and spiritually. It provides the person seeking with a holistic system with which to live by and grow from that will not harm them. It also serves as a diet book and is armed with humor.

Rosemarie Ulven’s concoctions have amazed and surprised many of her fans, and she hopes you too will feel a deep sense of connectedness and fulfillment by it.

About the Author

Rosemarie Ulven is a member of the Paralyzed Veterans of America. She sustained a traumatic brain injury while in the Air Force in 1990, as an airborne cryptologic linguist.

Rosemarie currently lives near the town of Spring Grove, Minnesota, where she was born and home to the National Eagle Center, which revived the eagle population. She also was trained as a ballerina and flute player at Interlochen Arts Academy when she was eleven, then trained by Ivan Novikoff until she was fourteen. She then began composing music as a piano player.


"..she just launched a vegan-friendly cookbook titled, 'Little Book of Bread, Soups, Puddings and Essential Meals'.' Of course, it’s worth reading if you’re starting a diet. Moreover, this publication is also a spiritual guide with a good dose of humor." (Erik Ycaza, Electro Wow)

Published: 2020
Page Count: 168