Little Big Girl Wakes Up Daddy: A Little Big Girl And Daddytm Book

By Reginald Q. Barnes
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Little Big Girl and DaddyTM is a series by author Reginald Q. Barnes. Based on real-life experiences with his daughter, the books highlight the fun and special time spent between father and daughter.

In Little Big Girl Wakes Up Daddy, Little Big Girl wakes up early and is ready to start her day. She wants to play with Daddy, but Daddy is still tired. Will Little Big Girl ever wake Daddy up?

An easy-to-read series that all ages will enjoy!

About the Author

Reginald Q. Barnes is a native and resident of Chicago, IL. He graduated magna cum laude from Purdue University Global with a B.S. in Finance and is currently an MBA candidate at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. He has a career background as an IT professional and pro bono financial advisor.

Reginald is a new author of the children's book Little Big Girl Wakes Up Daddy, his first book and the first in the Little Big Girl and DaddyTM series. He is currently writing books in various genres, including children's, science fiction, and motivational.

Published: 2005
Page Count: 32