Listen To Me...Looking Fit And Eating Healthy Is Your Choice

By Colleen Campo
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Looking fit and eating healthily just do not come naturally to most people. It takes commitment, dedication, drive, and a determination to improve your health and appearance. However most of us circumvent the opportunity to better ourselves through excusesIm too busy. Ive got kids. Theres nowhere I can go. And of course, the most famous excuseIts too hard! Enter Colleen Campo, who shouts Listen To Me... from the rooftops and blows away all our excuses with her upbeat and encouraging tips, suggestions, and guidelines for improving our overall appearance and health. The best part is, shes been there and done this. She had all the excuses in the world to let herself go, and for a while she did. But when she decided to do something about it she did so with a vengeance! Chock-full of ideas from step aerobics to yoga to strength training as well as guidelines for healthy eating, Ms. Campo uses her own experiences to exhort us to get off our butts and quit whining and do something about it!

About the Author

A massage therapist, yoga instructor, and personal trainer for several fitness centers in her native Livonia, Michigan, Colleen Campo has three children: Olivia, Jackson, and Jordan.

Published: 2004
Page Count: 32