Lily Of The Valley, Romance Of Souls

By Rebecca Lebron
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Spirituality is an important part of all our lives, if only we could be still long enough to see what the spirits have to show us and hear the whispers of our own soul. This is the message imparted in a series of short stories in Lily of the Valley, Romance of Souls by Rebecca Lebron. Drawing on her own experiences in exploring her deeply felt spirituality and faith, Ms. Lebron has skillfully woven stories of inspiration, hope, peace, and comfort for those who may feel caught up in circumstances beyond their control as they struggle to make sense of the chaos of their lives. With the central theme of listening to ones own heart and soul, she offers examples of a homeless man who is drawn to a church to find relief, a woman who escapes from a loveless marriage with a sense of hope, young people who must learn to love themselves first before they can love anyone else, and the impact the Creator has had on her own life as she made her way in the world. Combining evocative writing with realistic life examples, Ms. Lebron lights a candle of hope in a world dim with longing as she gently yet firmly guides her reader back to where it all began within themselves.

About the Author

A native of Trinidad, West Indies, Rebecca Lebron presently resides in Woodhaven, New York, where she is employed as a home health worker. In her spare time, she enjoys sewing, cooking, yoga, writing, and creating jewelry.

Published: 2006
Page Count: 84