Lily And Chip Chip

By ML Stacy
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Not long after Chip Chip the Chipmunk leaves her mother’s burrow, she meets her new neighbor: a cockapoo named Lily, and the two become fast friends. But what happens when Chip Chip’s brother reminds her of the differences between their species? Can they still be friends?

Inspired by a true story, Lily and Chip Chip serves as a playful reminder that anyone can be friends—no matter what their differences!

About the Author

ML Stacy lives in Wilbraham, MA, with her cockapoo Lily. She has three children (two sons and a daughter) and two grandsons. A retired teacher and certified phono-graphix reading therapist, she enjoys books and reading, plays golf, paints in watercolors, sews, cooks, and works in the family business. She also volunteers at the local school and is a member of the Christ Child Society of Western MA. She loves to visit with her grandsons and read to them.

Published: 2020
Page Count: 30