Lillie And Oscar Go To Space: “The Lillie And Oscar Series”

By June Rox
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Lillie and Oscar Go to Space

Lillie and Oscar are two fun-loving Chihuahua puppies who work with NASA and hope to be the next two puppies picked to explore Mars! Once they are picked, the excitement ensues, and they can’t wait to go on this really important adventure!

Join Lillie and Oscar on their exploration of Mars in Lillie and Oscar Go to Space, where you too will have a new sense of adventure, appreciation for animals, and a thirst for travel and exploration.

About the Author

June Rox has a passion for storytelling. Her family and family pets have always been her inspiration. Her family’s young children help her write her stories in a way that makes it exciting for children to read.

June’s hobbies include traveling, experience new adventures, and looking for the best in every day.

Published: 2020
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