Like A "Bat Out Of Hell"

By Arthur George Edgerton
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Arthur George Edgerton was born in 1929 in Fairmont, West Virginia. He currently resides in Chicago, Illinois. He enjoys playing the piano and plays for fun whenever he gets the chance. He graduated from Loop College with an associate degree in music in 1981. He wrote this novel about his own life experiences and the dangerous and immoral acts that he repeatedly committed. He feels grateful to have lived through his experiences and hopes the readers learn from his mistakes. He wants others to see that any secret or immoral act can be deadly so that they understand the consequences of their actions prior to making a poor judgement in their life.

About the Author

Arthur grew up near the coal mines in West Virginia, where his father worked for thirty years. He survived many traumas and challenges throughout his life and lived to write about all of them. He suffered the tragic losses of several siblings and lost touch with loved ones. As a teenager, he was arrested and eventually sent away to a reform school by his parents. He eventually served almost seven years at the now closed West Virginia State Penitentiary. Arthur also lived a risky adulthood as a gay man with a very active sex life that he discusses in this fascinating memoir.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 30