Lightning And Insight

By Susan D Watson
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As boys and men disappear from across the land, Louiza is forced to leave her family home and farmland behind and in the hands of wealthy official. As she journeys on, she locates other women missing their husbands and sons. Together, they create a new home, a peaceful home guarded by the spirits of the forest. With the unexpected return of her husband, Louiza gives birth to two beautiful and magically gifted daughters who together will turn the tide of the land and bring about a new era of freedom.

About the Author

Susan D Watson is an artist, gardener, and a big fan of science fiction and fantasy. She lives among the trees in the Pacific Northwest, along with the many native plants in her own back yard. She enjoys her pets, usually just her cat and dog but currently is taking care of one chicken and a cat.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 66