Light For The Dark Side

By Dr. J. Thomas Whetstone
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LLight for the Dark Side

Ethics Cases for University Administrators

About the Book and About the Author

Dr. Whetstone has written a much-needed book that gives us a practical, clear approach to ethical decision making. I know of no other book on leadership that proves its value so remarkably by melding theory, method, and hands-on practice—and all from a Christian perspective. As a growing array of stakeholders exert pressure, our institutions are pushed and pulled between competing measures of success. Christian character in our students, high enrollment, financial health, employable students, and accreditation are only a few we could name. Yet within this milieu, we want to be faithful to our calling to serve Christ. How does a Christian administrator make a good, ethical decision amid the complexity? Whetstone suggests a way through while continually challenging us to be the “light for the dark side.” This book should be required reading for all Christian college and university teachers.

- Dr. Beth M. Doriani, former dean, College of Arts & Sciences, Eastern University

Educators, administrators, and faculty of Christian institutions should, and can, serve their institution’s mission according to a God-honoring ethic. But this is not easy. Teaching and research faculty commonly refer to their administration—the president, provost, and deans—as the Dark Side. Faculty members appointed to administrative positions are sometimes considered traitors for going over to the Dark Side.

The twelve cases offered in this book are based on actual situations involving relations and tensions among university presidents, provosts, deans, department chairs, and other full-time and adjunct faculty members. Questions accompanying each case seek to guide rational discussion of ethical issues involving conflicts of interest, hiring and termination, communication practice, new program development, and relations among students, faculty, and consultants

Published: 2019
Page Count: 122