Lifestyle Of The Insurance Agent: The Horror And Real-Life Personal Stories You've Never Heard About

By Leroy Wardlaw
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Sometimes with tongue in cheek, sometimes with deadly seriousness, Leroy Wardlaw invites us to take a look into the Lifestyles of the Insurance Agent: The Horror and Real-life Personal Stories You've Never Heard About. Through Mr. Wardlaws candid look at the job of an insurance agent selling auto, home, and life insurance, we learn it is not so much a case of caveat emptor as it is client be honest and up-front with your agent. Only by doing so, says Mr. Wardlaw, can our agent help us figure out the best options for our insurance needs as well as to make sure those needs continue to be fulfilled as time goes on and changes occur in our lives. In this way, you can build a long and lasting relationship with your insurance agent, guaranteeing the best service for the life of your policies.

About the Author

Leroy Wardlaw writes from experience he spent seventeen years as an insurance agent and broker selling auto, home, and life insurance. Now permanently disabled, he and his wife, Gloria reside in Philadelphia where they have raised five children: Dana, Corey, Crystal, Nichelle, and Timothy.

Published: 2004
Page Count: 32