Life's Unexpected Blessings

By Ms. Michelle Copeland
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Life’s Unexpected Blessings is about a woman names Shelia whose life has turned out like she planned or expected. Along the way she has faced some obstacles but has gotten through them with her faith in God. During her journey, she meets James, who has also faced some of the same challenges. Love soon blossoms between the two. Maybe her life turned out better than she expected.

About the Author

Ms. Michelle Copeland never expected to become an author. She wanted to be many things when she was younger, but she decided she wanted to go into medicine. Ms. Copeland attended UF and majored in pre-med- more specifically, she majored in microbiology. After college Ms. Michelle Copeland tried to get into medical school. She didn’t get in, but people say you never get in on your first try. She learned phlebotomy and ecg after graduating college in hopes of improving her chances of being hired with no luck. She put that dream aside to help her family. However, then remembered when she was a young girl that she loved to draw and sketch, so she started painting, and one day Ms. Michelle Copeland decided to write a book. Never say never.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 102