Life's Poetic

By Stephen Roger Hohbach
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Hoh and Smoke

Life’s Poetic is Stephen Roger Hohbach’s collection of poetry through his interaction with people during his life. It includes his views on the material and spiritual functioning of the world.

Read Life’s Poetic to understand all the nuances of your being – and just how important you are.

About the Author

Stephen Roger Hohbach was born and raised in South Dakota. At age five, his parents’ divorce caused him to live on his aunt and uncle’s farm near Plankinton, South Dakota.

Hohbach enlisted in the U.S. Coast Guard and served four years, two of which were sea duty on the Pacific Ocean, aboard the USCGC Matagorda. He then enrolled in college and has degrees in Business Administration and Health Care Administration.

Hohbach was a healthcare facility administrator for twenty-one years. He then worked fourteen years as an analyst for a major healthcare insurance company. He then retired in 2009 and moved back to South Dakota. Now he lives in the country, with his dog, near Woonsocket.

Published: 2019
Page Count: 420