Life's Laughters And Cries

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Lifes Laughters and Cries
By Elizabeth Washington

Best friend. Critic. Mentor. Protector. Often, our mother is not just a mother; she is everything that helps us make it through life. Thats why losing a mother is like losing a support systemand getting used to a life without our mother is one of the most difficult things to do.

Elizabeth Washington understands what its like to lose a mother. But her mothers memories are still alive, memories that cause both laughter and tears. Lifes Laughters and Cries is her attempt to share all that her mother was and all that she meant to Elizabeth.

This book of poems has a powerful theme: love and family. Readers will enjoy being reminded that the most beautiful things in life are often those we already have.

About the Author

Elizabeth Washington lives in Greenwood, Mississippi. Her interests are varied: they include watching the sunset, listening to jazz music, dancing, and playing with her grandchildren.

Elizabeth wrote Lifes Laughters and Cries as a way of coping with her mothers death. She has shared that God gave her a way to deal with the pain of her loss, as well as immortalize her mothers memories, through poetry.

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Published: 2013
Page Count: 42