Life's Jumbles

By Elizabeth S. Buchanan
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Life’s Jumbles is a poet’s response to life around her, focusing on aspects of daily activities, family, travel, emotions, nature, and life’s diversities. The book is based on the unique experiences of the poet, who hopes the reader will perhaps ponder new perspectives when viewing a situation, or the reader may say,

“That’s my exact sentiment too!”

About the Author

For Elizabeth S. Buchanan, when life presents challenges, she delves into them with enthusiasm and excitement. She currently lives on two sides of the Atlantic Ocean because her only daughter married a Frenchman and she is a happy grandmother of three young children. Buchanan’s hobbies include a wide range of activities from running, club-car racing, live theater, and playing extras in films in her younger days. In the retirement stage of her life, Buchanan looks to such activities as quilting, reading, and writing. Throughout her life, she has enjoyed membership in various organizations: Corvette Club of NC, Alumni associations of Winthrop University, University of South Carolina, Georgetown University, George Mason University and in the local protestant church wherever she happens to reside. As an educator for more than forty-seven years, she has expanded her horizons through many rich and extensive life experiences.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 132