Life's Apologies For Our Nation

By Carolann Murray
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Life’s Apologies for Our Nation is a book about current views of issues that challenge our Nation. It is intended to provide transparency on political issues that one may not be aware of, and the commitment, honor, and patriotism that we should have for America. Life’s Apologies for Our Nation is very interesting; it is a book of short stories that allows readers to encounter a variety of subject matters. The message that Life’s Apologies for Our Nation delivers is relevant to the people of this Nation who dream of living the American dream in a free society.

This book is a unique creation coupled with real issues that enable readers to exercise their rights to free speech, engage in specific discussions, and excite curiosities that oppose their ideologies. After reading Life’s Apologies for Our Nation, readers will acquire a clear vision of the troubling waters of our Nation and empower themselves to be committed to the greatness of our Nation in a positive manner.

About the Author

Carolann Murray is retired from the U.S. Army and is the founder and owner of Life’s Apologies, Inc. Life’s Apologies is a nonprofit organization that contributes to the wellbeing and humanitarian desires of people who are in need of personal relief.

Carolann is a Florida native. Her creative writing is a personal passion that she enjoys. Writing enables Carolann to boldly convey and bring to life transparency to situations in everyday personal lives and our Nation. She is vocal and stresses the importance of people having dignity and showing respect for one another. Carolann is also the author of previously published Life’s Apologies and Life’s Apologies for All People. She attempts to convince others that honesty and moral values are critical. Carolann feels that people should strive for forgiveness to enable bridges to mend. She also depicts a sound and genuine interest in Life’s Apologies for Our Nation. In our society today, we must have strong unwavering values and governmental leadership qualities that ensure the capabilities of exercising authority on behalf of our Nation. It means a great deal to Carolann that readers envision and review highlights of why we must love America and protect the safety and security of our Nation.

Carolann Murray is the proud mother of Porshia, Albert Jr., and Alex. She truly misses her parents, may they rest in peace.

Published: 2005
Page Count: 32