By Zachary Curtis
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About the Book

Lifeology: Tips for Living a Better, Healthier Life

Are you a truth seeker? Are you interested in connecting to your higher self and becoming better than you were yesterday? Lifeology provides a meaningful insight on life. This study of life analyzes life from a “bigger picture” to detail perspective. While this book may not highlight all there is to life, it can help the reader embrace the journey and experience. Practical ways and suggestions are provided in this book to inspire a better and healthier lifestyle. Lifeology seeks to provide many truths to assist one along their life journey and to bring abundance and other positive aspects.

About the Author

Zachary Curtis views himself as a cool, motivated, creative person. He likes to do a lot of things and explore. Spending time in nature, traveling, art, music, and food are a few of his interests and hobbies. Sharing the truth with others is a very vital thing to him, which inspired him to write his book on this topic. Curtis is naturally a truth seeker and very spiritual. He looks forward to being innovative and making this world a better place for you and himself.

Published: 2022
Page Count: 64