Life With Struggles But Hope In The Lord

By Mary Matthew
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In her memoir, Mary Matthew shares her unique experience growing up in southwestern Alaska as a Yupik native. Though her childhood in the beautiful and rugged Alaskan countryside was often quaint and full of love and community, Matthew is candid about the hardships she has faced in her life and how she has overcome them through the power of her faith. Matthew also shares how she came to find her passion of singing and translating Gospel music into the Yupik language, uplifting others through song of praises and elders understanding the songs through translated versions, brings a powerful worship in her faith.

About the Author

Mary Matthew is proud to be a Yupik native and is very active in her community, served as a postmaster, tribal leader, counselor, and volunteer. She is now an elder in training. She has a passion for singing and helping others. Matthew has three children from her previous marriage and ten grandchildren. Matthew and her husband support one another through subsistence and a bond with family in the community.

Published: 2022
Page Count: 102