Life With Many Facets

By Dr. Glenda del Blalock Chatagnier
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Life with Many Facets is an autobiographical work in which I seek to render an exploration of my spiritual beliefs and personal philosophies. This book is a discussion of the benefits I have found in learning to meditate, utilize affirmations, and visualize colors for healing. I extend an exploration of some of my past lives and focus on those in which I have a spiritual relationship with my twin soul. I recall a life as a young member of a sheiks harem in the Sahara, and I reflect on my experiences as an Egyptian woman during the reign of Cleopatra and a soldier in a foxhole who is ambushed. In Life with Many Facets, I frame my journal with original illustrations and descriptions of settings, conversations, and inner thoughts and emotions.

About the Author

Dr. Glenda del Blalock Chatagnier received her B.A., Msc.D., and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Metaphysics in Arizona. She studies psychic science, metaphysics, visual and literal arts, theology and photocopy, and numerology. She has two children, Randall and Dennis, and she is originally from Lake Charles, Louisiana. You may contact the author at: Glendas Visual and Literary Arts

Published: 2008
Page Count: 148