Life Through A Mirror

By Caesar Rondina
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Life Through a Mirror is a romantic murder mystery. It revolves around suspense, murder, romance, and intrigue. All of which will keep you in suspense, and not wanting to put it down. Allie and David are stuck in a web of suspense and murder. Two different people who are worlds apart. Follow Allie and David as they try to piece their shattered lives back together. Will they meet? Can they do it while fighting all the obstacles they face? A story of murder, romance, suspense, and family. As Caesar Rondina demonstrates within Life Through a Mirror, he has the ability and unique writing style to write in many genres.

About the Author

Caesar Rondina is an author, businessman, educator, paramedic, master boat captain, and father to three adult children. Born in New England, he has attended universities in the fields of Education and Business Management. He has completed extended studies in the fields of electronics, medicine, and boating. He is a licensed paramedic and pre-hospital medical practitioner, with over 35 years of working experience in the public health care system. In addition, he holds a United States Coast Guard Master Captain’s license, and a National Association of Radio and Telecommunications Engineers First Class Repair and teaching certification, as well as several additional medical teaching certifications.

While in college for music education, his primary instrument was guitar, and he played in numerous venues across the country. He was a business owner for seventeen years before becoming a career firefighter and paramedic. Caesar Rondina continues to work as a paramedic and educator, and continues to write.

Published: 2018
Page Count: 298