Life Of A Butterfly: Poems And Short Stories

By Mireille Bitar Moussa
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About the Book

One day we will go on a timeless journey

Mortal selves will matter no more

Flawless as droplets of dew

Purified by eternal flame

One day we will go on a timeless journey

No boredom anymore...a sweet liberation

Will we meet theremy love?

And would you hold me againmy love?

When love transcends the here and now, the touched and the seen, it becomes universal and these lines from Mireille Bitars Life of a Butterfly best express the sense of a higher self throughout this book. Life of a Butterfly is a journey in time, in place, through love, pain, motherhood and spiritual healing. The photos that accompany each poem or short story are from the authors collection and were carefully selected to add a visual dimension to her work. Many photos are contributed by Malak Bitar.

About the Author

Mireille Bitar Moussa was born and raised in Syria where she graduated from medical school. She received her training in the United States in Neuropathology and currently practices Acupuncture, but away from the professional life, she is a pianist, and is involved in the Syrian American community.

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Published: 2014
Page Count: 36