Life, Limbs And The Pursuit Of Happiness

By Dr. Vernon A. Quarstein and Dr. Polly A. Peterson
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About the Book

Using advanced techniques and newly discovered secrets of the human body, medicine can improve our chances for living to the age of 100 and beyond. This is accomplished in part by stem cell regeneration of our organs and by manipulation of our DNA. These are just tow of the many medical approaches to extended longevity, but medicine is not enough. The goal is not just to live long, but also to find happiness in our longer lives. Happiness and longevity are not possible through medicine along. They also require self development to include frequent exercise, proper nutrition, and an active but moderate lifestyle. This book serves as a guide for those who wish to pursue happiness with longevity and explains the connection between self-development and regeneration of the human body. The book also discusses external influences that have a direct bearing on our well-being.

About the Author

Dr. Vernon A. Quarstein lives in Massachusetts with his wife, Priscilla Goodwin Quarstein. Since suffering a heart attack ten years ago, Dr. Quarstein has regained control of his cholesterol, blood pressure, and general fitness and continues to enjoy sports, sailing, fishing, and health club activities. Dr. Polly A. Peterson lives in Florida with her two children, Samantha and Elizabeth. Her personal and professional experiences have confirmed her belief that personal choices can increase the quality and length of life. Dr. Peterson enjoys spending time running, hiking, and biking. Visit the author's web site at:

Published: 2003
Page Count: 210