Life Is A Seven-Layer Cake

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Written and Illustrated by Deborah D. L. Wanda

Take a journey through lifes many delicious stages with Deborah D. L. Wanda, a seasoned connoisseur of lifes simple pleasures and treasures. From Infancy to Senior Citizenry, Deborah creates sumptuous little snapshots of the things to savor most in life. Part advice column, part reminder of good things past, and chock full of anecdotes to help us cope, Life Is a Seven-Layer Cake provides a hearty stock of nostalgia, chuckles, and resolutions to remember those who need our love and care the most.

A very sweet, cozy little read, this book is a tribute to be appreciated by anyone whos ever been a child, parent, or grandparent. Serving up tidbits of nursery rhymes, a lifetimes worth of stories, analogies, and good-old fashioned heart, this is sure to give you a healthy dose of sentiment to make you long for home.

About the Author

Deborah D. L. Wanda grew up in the Virginia countryside, the middle child of nine children. She has three sisters and five brothers. Deborah loved observing everything around her, even at an early age. Summertime was filled with visits from extended family, cousins, and friends. There were many adventures, from trips to unique places and large family gatherings on holidays and special occasions.

Deborah is married with grown children and surrounded with a large extended family and her favorite pets. Quietly observing all around her, she will remain forever curious.

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Published: 2011
Page Count: 42