Life Is A Journey, Healing Is A Process: How God Can Change Your Life From The Inside Out

By Patricia L. Steele
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Life is a Journey, Healing is a Process

Life Is a Journey, Healing Is a Process is author Patricia L. Steele’s story of how God changed her life from the inside out. Steele had lived her life with a serious mental health disorder, developed during childhood and not diagnosed until much later in life. Her story is one of hope and healing from deep wounds suffered at the hands of others who claimed to have loved her. Her journey is told as an inspiration for others who may be suffering with similar mental health disorders and/or from past trauma. There are better options that just finding treatment to help the symptoms subside; God offers a better path. If He can do so much for Steele, he certainly can for you as well. In God’s eyes, we are his precious and loved children, and He cares about you!

About the Author

Patricia L. Steele attends the First Alliance Church in Hockessin, Delaware. She holds a BS in psychology and biblical studies, and in 2016 she received her MA in counseling from Liberty University. She has five wonderful grown children and adores her grandchildren. Steele enjoys reading and writing. This is her first book. 

Published: 2021
Page Count: 98