Life Insurance: Will It Pay When I Die?

By Thomas W. Young
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“Tom’s book brings to light the proper information about money and financial products that we, the consumer, need to know. Tom is a consumer advocate and he truly will teach you through this book how to maximize your money decisions. This is a “must read” book for anyone wanting to get the most out of their money decisions.”

–Jody Victor, Past President, IBOA

“If there ever was a right book at the right time, this one is it. Tom makes the case that the right time for dealing with the complexities of life style and money is always now. Tom’s book manages to bring to your attention a way to rethink the economics of life style. The notion that we can stop working “whenever we want to” doesn’t stand a chance without applying the princes Tom provides to the equation.”

--D. Clayton, DMD

If you’re like most people, you spend more time and energy planning your vacations than your finances. Many people are uninformed about their monetary decisions because they don’t understand how things like economics, finances, insurance, interest rates, and banking work. So they usually leave these areas lives to the “experts.” But what if these so-called experts don’t even have a full grasp of these concepts? In these cases, handing our money over to them can have tragic results. In Thomas W. Young’s years of experience as an investment and retirement professional, he has seen many people’s lives completely changed for the worse by their lack of financial knowledge. He wrote Life Insurance: Will it Pay When I Die? with the hope of helping readers avoid making bad choices that could eventually lead to financial ruin. Readers will come away with a better understanding of the life insurance industry and better equipped to make wise, sound, and beneficial financial decisions.

About the Author

Thomas W. Young is an experienced retirement and investment professional and has been successful in financial and estate matters for over twenty-eight years. He has worked with thousands of couples and individuals over the years to help them make intelligent investments decisions concerning their retirement assets and to achieve security and peace of mind.

Tom is a certified senior advisor and registered financial consultant. In addition, Tom earned the prestigious CLU designation from American College. Tom is a frequent lecturer and radio personality. His current radio show, “The Financial Coach,” can be heard in the Beaver County, Pennsylvania area on WBVP 1230/WMBA 1460. Tom motivates individuals and groups nationally as a certified life coach and a certified human behavior consultant. Tom and his wife Thresa reside west of Pittsburgh in Beaver, Pennsylvania.

Published: 2020
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