Life Embraces: A Collection Of Poems

By K.E. Johnson
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K. E. Johnsons collection of poetry is a diverse anthology of verse relating to different aspects of his life experiences. The first section, aptly named Love, relates to the authors experiences in romance; the second, entitled Life Embraces, embraces the authors philosophical side; and the third, named Spiritual Awareness, addresses the authors religious views and his relationship to the divine. For instance, in the first section, the poem A Thousand Pardons, Mrs. Lady attempts a poetic seduction of an exceedingly attractive woman. The author makes reference to this beauty as follows: A thousand pardons, Mrs. Lady, But if you were mine I would love you and thats no lie For your beauty is like a bouquet of roses draped all in wine. The poems in the proceeding section, Life Embraces, present both tragic and hopeful tones in relation to situations in the world today. Sorrow describes mainly dejection and despair: So what am I to do? Where am I to go when this worlds only hope is shoved out the door? The hope of love, which once was here, gone in the shadows of mans follies, does it disappear? Lastly, in the final section of the collection, the author addresses spirituality and his relationship to the mystical world. His relationship with the spiritual realm is the primary focus of the end of his collection, providing a comforting closure to his life journey in verse.

About the Author

K. E. Johnson received his associates degree in environmental engineering, his associate of arts degree, and his associates degree in occupational technology. He enjoys weightlifting, fishing, hunting, and playing basketball. Most of the poems in this collection were written 23 years ago while he was stationed in Giessen, West Germany in the U. S. Army and included experiences he had there. There is a 23-year gap between the poems Paradise Found and Paradise Lost. One represents fantasy and the other represents reality. Each is indicative of how the author sees life at a younger age as opposed to an older one.

Published: 2008
Page Count: 56