Life, As I Know It.

By Andrew Thomas Elder
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Andrew was born and raised in Bryan, Ohio. He finished high school and landed a good job at a marina in southern Florida. He enjoyed his work, and it was the summer of 1981. Living close to the marina he walked. One evening he was invited for a pleasure cruise on a yacht. As he was about to enter the parking lot out front, he was hit by a drunk driver as a pedestrian.

This was a life-altering experience that changed Andrew forever, making him a double amputee. It took time to adapt and overcome this particular trauma, but he did it! He never gave up although, Andrew thought about it, but he wanted to live more than giving up.

About the Author

We can do whatever we set our minds to, and get it done. In 2002, Andrew proudly resigned tenure from a military reserve unit as a non-commissioned officer. This too was a tough and humbling learning experience he was grateful to have.

Andrew hopes his poetry will help anyone with any handicap, in dealing with and acceptance of, or helping someone else with theirs.

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Published: 2016
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