Life And Death

By Maegan Tisdale
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Life passes by quickly. Life and Death" captures a few frames of a young girls life as she works to get through day-to-day challenges. Miranda always thought faith and the afterlife were issues delegated to grown-ups. These were things she could tackle later. However, as her social circle expands and she must make more decisions on her own, Miranda quickly realizes that she too needs to practice faith to stay strong, even in youth.

When tragedy strikes a family, it does not just strike the adults. The children and teenagers must also turn to Jesus for strength. Follow Miranda as she grows and learns more about her faith.

About the Author

Maegan Tisdale attends school in northern Alabama. When she began writing Life and Death, she was just ten years old. She was 13 at the time of the manuscripts completion. If not writing her own book, Maegan can usually be found with her nose buried in another book. She enjoys reading, and from a young age, has understood the power of the written word. Writing has always come naturally to her.

Maegan attends a Non-Denominational Church. Faith is an important factor in her life. She wants to help everyone and anyone as best she can. God has a purpose in everyones life and she hopes Life and Death will help readers to see this.

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Published: 2016
Page Count: 56