Life After Suicide: A Spouse's Journey

By Rosemarie James
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After years of struggling with alcohol addiction, Rosemarie James’s husband lost his battle to suicide. A happy-go-lucky man, friend, beloved stepparent, grandparent, and spouse, he fell into a cycle in which he felt there was no escape and left his loved ones behind. Now Rosemarie is left to pick up the pieces and find ways to put herself and her life together again.

Suicide of a loved one is often met with feelings of guilt, from within and from others. As a spouse, there is often an overwhelming feeling of shame. Feeling alone with few who have experienced her specific type of loss, Rosemarie set out to create a guide through the grief for others who have lost their spouses to suicide. Guiding through the stages of grief and providing insight on helpful tools to continue on, Life After Suicide is more than just a resource; it is a reminder you are not alone in your heartbreak, and others are out there who are willing and able to guide you through the dark. Rosemarie’s example is proof that tragedy does not define you, but who you become after.

About the Author

Rosemarie James is a mother of three and grandmother of three. She has worked as a real estate agent since 2005, served as a city council member for the City of Hesperia from 1994–1998 and mayor from 1996–1997. James grew up in Westminster, CA, and moved to the High Desert area in 1980. Her hobbies include wire wrapping gemstones and designing jewelry as well as writing and graphic design. Most of all, her family has been the greatest part of her life.

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Published: 2024
Page Count: 92