Letters To Kirabelle: My Journey Through Cancer To Motherhood & Beyond...

By Becky Clifford
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About the Book

Diagnosed with cancer at age thirty-one, Becky Clifford feared she might not be able to start the family she had always dreamed of. Becky wanted a daughter, and while nothing in her future was certain, she knew she was meant to be a mom. This is the story of her journey through cancer into motherhood and all the adventures that followed: moments of living authentically, loving openly, and letting go of fear. Through her personal journey of healing, Becky speaks to those who have struggled to feel connected to the power of love and to their own inner voice, encouraging her readers to live each day fully.

About the Author

Becky Clifford lives in Easton, Pennsylvania with her husband Stan, daughter Kira and two dogs, Higgens and Matilda. Becky is a Certified Health Coach and Yoga Teacher. She loves spending time with her family, reading, sipping cappuccinos with friends, holiday decorating, and catching up on the happenings of Bachelor Nation.

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Letters to Kirabelle is a fiercely RAW and utterly relatable read that will grab you at your core, while still allowing you to smile (and laugh). Although, the subject matter is delicate, Becky finds a way to deliver her sentiment with bounds of levity, which truly enables the reader to connect to her on a human level. Her voice is SO crystal clear, it’s like she is telling you her story personally over a cup of coffee in her living room. Her story is not only inspiring and captivating, but it's an incredible reminder for us women to be brave in our lives. Becky, very consciously, points out her insecurities, and in turn, helps us readers acknowledge our own. I laughed. I cried. It was a beautifully touching read that I highly recommend to anyone who is a mother, or a sister, or a wife, or a girlfriend. Or simply anyone who feels a little lost, or who is facing a difficult/scary time. Letters to Kirabelle is a reminder to us all, that whatever we’re going through in our life (internally or externally), IT’S OKAY and WE CAN GET THROUGH IT, and life, although full of surprises, can be really flippin’ beautiful. Thank you for that reassurance, and for sharing your story, Becky!! Kirabelle will cherish your words forever and will truly know the depth of your love for her. 

Published: 2022
Page Count: 166