Letters From My Father - The Battle Of The Brenner: World War Ll

By Jody Russell Vialy
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Letters From My Father: The Battle of the Brenner: World War ll

Here is a story of a daughter discovering long lost letters from her father, written home while flying twenty-two missions as a bombardier during World War II. In one of the decisive battles of the war, she was able to relive through him his thoughts and hardships during this tumultuous period of his life. For her family, these letters are especially endearing as he passed away in 1985 without much recounting of his time in the war. There is so much to be learned from him through the letters within, not only as a father, but as an airman fighting for his country. This engrossing, firsthand chronicle details his time in northern Italy and southern Germany in 1945.

About the Author

Jody Russell Vialy worked in the entertainment industry for fifty years. She has worked with successful rock bands in the 70s, was a crew member of the original Saturday Night Live, and later became the director of public relations for global superstar Walter Mercado. She lives with her husband of thirty years, Franck. Their son, Alexander Russell Vialy, is an attorney in San Francisco.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 84