Let's Talk Football And Baseball

By Maurice Hilaire
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Football and baseball are two of the most important sports in American history. In his short book, Lets Talk Football and Baseball, Maurice Hilaire explores the roots of these well-loved sports, introducing issues he finds problematic with the manner in which these sports are played today. His arguments chiefly center on the addition of the field goal in modern football, arguing that the concept counteracts the original structure of the game. According to Hilaire, awarding a field goal point for punting the ball is the equivalent of giving away free points.

Hilaire also provides suggestions for improving the sport of baseball. Specifically, he addresses the issues of players who achieve base hits, only to walk off the field when a teammate strikes a third out. Hilaire contends that the point system for baseball should be amended, and points should be awarded for base hits as well as runs. In general, Lets Talk Football and Baseball provides an insightful and critical commentary on two of Americas most well-loved sports.

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Published: 2010
Page Count: 56