Let's Not Go There: A Narrative Concerning Certain Biblical Neglected And The Passed Over Fullness Of Some Scriptural Texts: Are We A Shared World

By Donald Remedis
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Let's Not Go There: A Narrative Concerning Certain Biblical Neglected and the Passed Over Fullness of Some Scriptural Texts

About the Book

This writing looks at a person of the bible in both the Old and New Testaments as an accepted entity along with his achievements. In contrast, an ancestor of this same person and even being quoted from in the Old and New Biblical Testaments is overall considered persona non gratis. The total of his words is to be avoided at all costs. These same words passed on down through time were considered so Holy that they were adhered to and even used as to be followed the same as any God believability Hebrew Holy works. As time passed and even in our time comes the question of why was and is it discarded except a few quotes from it. An aside note: If there are quotes being used does that not show there has to be some creditability of Enoch. Also, an addendum now by way of the archeological findings as to his existence being proved but also there is evidence of his endeavors, his closeness to his family and copies of his tellings. Another point to ponder is the time of Enoch which was within Adam and Eve’s time and the earthly world was not in a full functioning mode, if you will. These factors are and will be important useful pieces of information later on. And so again, there comes the question of is there a reason for the evasion of Enoch and is there an answer. Read on.

About the Author

Remedis Has compiled many facts from Historical, Archival, Excavational Findings; from leading Secular Historians and Professional Linguists (interpreters of Ancient Writings, Manuscripts, Traditions & Customs) along with inputs from Theologians dealing with the Spiritual side of life.

And then tying it together; taking into account logical and common sense factors dealing with it all.

Most appeallingly is that this is all done as a small reading (brief works, but nonetheless it is very concise, and contextually sound. The results of which even amazed him.

Published: 2022
Page Count: 88