Lessons Of Life - Poetry At Its Best!

By Betty W. Lawson
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Lessons of Life - Poetry at Its Best! Poems, Prayers, Praise and Worship is a collection of Betty W. Lawson’s reflections on life, personal experiences, and touching introspective. Her poems and prose help to reveal how one relates to life by reflecting on the complex and combined elements of life, as well as one’s surroundings.

About the Author

Betty W. Lawson is a Christian leader and involved as an advisor to others. This is reflected in her writing. Her life has always been one of service and in service to others. Betty is a people-lover and a firm believer that everyone has a value and has a gift worthy of developing for the purpose of improving their own lives and the lives of others.

A retired teacher, Betty has at least forty years of experience in the classroom. She enjoyed every moment with her students and loved each student. Though there were challenges, she is grateful for her experiences as a teacher.

Published: 2018
Page Count: 148