Lessons From The Mahaw Bog

By Jean Adams Dickerson
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This story of a woman’s journey was written to inspire people to achieve great things. She feels that all who want to achieve great things must set goals and exhibit tenacity, perseverance, and sacrifice in working to achieve those goals. She feels that people should actively pursue their goals regardless of the pitfalls, hurdles, and roadblocks they might encounter in the pursuit of their dreams.

Crippled by socially imposed limitations that were a product of that time, she found creative ways to circumvent those challenges and use the resources available to her to make a difference. She believed that if you empower yourself, you can improve the world by helping others.

About the Author

Jean Adams Dickerson has had a distinguished career as an educator in schools and colleges throughout the country. She has written a true story on the life of this southern teacher, her mother, to preserve the legacy and heritage of education professionals who managed to thrive in a time and place where both laws and circumstances presented overwhelming obstacles to getting an education.

The Reflection in this book was contributed by Cynara Robinson, a doctoral student, niece of the author and granddaughter of Annie. This book serves as a resource for those interested in history and education.

 Jean enjoys travel, golf, tennis and piano. She studied piano from early childhood through college, with a degree in piano. She holds undergraduate and graduate degrees from Southern University, Northwestern State University and California Lutheran University.

 She is a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated.

Published: 2019
Page Count: 82